Breast Enlargement Pills Review

There has never been such a demand for breast augmentation methods as there is today. Women all over the world are trying several conventional and non-conventional methods to bring about an increase in their bust size. One of the most popular non-conventional methods in use is the breast enlargement pill. But whether these pills are effective or not is debatable.

How Do Breast Enlargement Pills Work?

They are meant to be orally taken. They contain natural herbs – most prominently red clover, soy, ginseng, fennel seeds, dandelion root, etc. – which are purported to bring about a natural increase in the size of the bust.

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The size of the breast depends on the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body of the woman. It has been clinically tested that a higher level of estrogen stimulates the growth of breast tissue.

The ingredients used in breast enhancement pills, such as those mentioned below, are mostly plant products and they contain plant estrogen, which is called as phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogen is very similar to the estrogen in the human body. Thus, breast enlargement pills believe that this phytoestrogen will stimulate the breast tissue in much the same manner as human estrogen will do.

The Debate

Clinical experiments have not shown any marked increase in the size and volume of the bust tissue due to phytoestrogen. This has led many cynics to conclude that they are nothing but a big sham, trying to cash in on a market which has a high demand.

In fact, there has been some contention over the safety of consumption of these breast enlargement pills. Medical people believe that increasing the level of estrogen artificially by introducing plant estrogen into the body will tamper with the natural balance of the other hormones in the body.

This will result in several other physiological problems, which will definitely be much more serious than a small bust line. Hence, medical experts have deemed a great big negation on the use of breast enlargement pills.

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On the other hand, the manufacturers of breast enlargement pills vouch for the efficiency of their products. They maintain that all their products are clinically proven to be effective. Some of them also state that these ingredients have been used by generations of women to increase their bust.

In order to substantiate their claims, they offer free trials and money-back guarantees in case their pills do not show the desired effect. Added to this, breast enlargement pill manufacturers carry out extensive advertisements in various media, most significantly over the internet, in order to sell their products. The before-after kind of advertising does create a strong hold over the customer fraternity.

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The medical body counterattacks this brazen advertising strategy of the pill manufacturers by saying that some of these pills do produce temporary effects by boosting the concentration of some of the hormones. They also caution that this could cause long-term hormonal disarray in the body of the woman.

The Popularity of Breast Enlargement Pills

Most women nowadays are not happy with their bust; Hollywood and the babes on the internet have a huge role to play in creating this dissatisfaction. Those who have money and do not mind taking risks go in for breast augmentation surgeries, also known as implants. The more cautious women opt for more subtle methods at breast enlargement, such as the use of breast enlargement pills.

They seem to be quite safe when compared to implants. Apart from this, they are very convenient to use and consume. The strip can be easily carried in the shoulder bag and can be taken with water or just popped into the mouth as it is. The method of using these pills is so simple that nobody would ever know if a woman is taking them or not.

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The fact that the breast enlargement pills work slowly also helps. Since there is no drastic increase in the bust size overnight (as is the case with breast implants), the woman can maintain her total secrecy about her tryst with the breast. Even her husband and children need not know. This has made breast enlargement pills quite popular.

Add to all this, the large scale marketing of these pills. Women are easily swayed away by flattering before-after pictures of pill users and feel tempted to try the product even though they might not need breast enhancement very much. The volume of advertising of the pills is very immense compared to the negative feedback and criticism of them.

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Hence, many women who use breast enhancement pills are blissfully ignorant of the negative repercussions the pills may have with their health. Additionally, there are some breast pill manufacturers who actually tell what negative effects the use of the pill can produce, and state that their pills are safe enough from all of those ill-effects. This further bolsters the confidence of pill users.

All in all, one must be positive about one’s own body. Tampering with the natural hormonal balance of the body is quite unwise, after all it is only one body that you will have throughout your life. If you have to use a pill (or any other breast enlargement product, for that matter), then doubly ascertain yourself that the product you are using is quite safe. Discuss with medical experts before beginning the consumption.